Chapter 2, Caprock Canyons State Park

Caprock was beautiful as always (the pictures speak for themselves), but we didn't do too much exploring there.   Vanilla Bean was eager to stretch his legs after being cooped up all day, but the ground was covered in goatheads, tons of flies swarmed, and it was still pretty warm out.  We did do a couple of loops through the prairie dog town that is the highlight of the RV campsites at Caprock.  Beechnut thinks they are useless rodents, but I find them quite charming.  There are strict instructions not to bother the wildlife in the park, but I'd say planting their "village" in the middle of a campsite is pretty alarming for them.  Every time someone walks down the concrete path to the restrooms or the playground, they go into the organized alert frenzy with the designated "alarmers" peeping their heads out of holes while everyone else goes below.  Chirp Chirp Chirp CHIRP CHIRP! 

Discovering the Light
A few weeks ago, we did a trial run of having Vanilla Bean sleep with me in the Airstream's bed rather than in the pack and play as he has done in past trips.  Getting rid of the pack and play leaves the dinette area open and seriously makes things nice.  For a little boy who has slept in a crib since his first day in the wide world, we thought this might be challenging.  The trial run was a bit rough as he was teething, but eventually he passed out for the night.  Our first night on the road, Bean discovered the switches to the lights above the bed.  For two hours after bedtime at 8, he flipped those light switches on and off with intermittent breaks when we tried to redirect him or pull him away, during which he cried hysterically.  When it comes down to it, we should really be more impressed by the instantaneous light that comes with flicking a switch.  It really is amazing - we take so much for granted these days.  My favorite technological “take for granted”? How many times have we griped because a flight had no wifi.  What?! With progress comes crazy expectations.  I digress. Bean eventually passed out in an exhausted little pile under the light, and was out for the night.  Eating has presented similar challenges to sleeping, but we’ll get the hang of it eventually….or, we will purchase a booster seat or some other device to strap him to the seat.  Sadly, I hear duct tape is frowned upon.    

On Off On Off On Off On
Off On Off On Off On Off On
Finally Asleep

Slightly blurry in the spirit of our constantly moving meals.
Giving in to the Power of the Phone

Caprock Canyons in Quitaque, TX is located in the southern portion of the Texas Panhandle.  It is a gem that has fallen into a mostly flat landscape.  Caprock is definitely worth a visit, but might I recommend the months of October – April (this applies to most things in Texas). It accommodates a diverse crowd with full RV hookups, but plenty of tent camping too.  There are a wide array of long and short hikes, easily accessible, so you can take a stroll from a parking lot or really get lost in it if you want to.   The mountain biking trails are also nice. If you are really pinched for time or not the adventurous type, you can also enjoy fantastic views simply driving through the park.  Get your supplies ahead of time, although there is a grocery store in the town of Quitaque.  Exciting fact about Quitaque? It is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the home of Bob Wills, “The King of Country Western Swing”.  I hear he’s a pretty big deal. 
The morning after the light incident, we were able to get in a couple of scenic mini-hikes and the surroundings made me feel so serene, exhilarated, and seriously happy to not be at work! We let Vanilla Bean loose on the trail and after a day of being cooped up, sheer joy is what we saw as he danced and poked flowers and ran and explored.   



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